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Object Management Group

17 Sep 1999 - OMG Agent Working Group Home Page

7 Aug 1999 - OMG Internet SIG and Agent Working Group

22 Jul 1999BOCA Update

Several requests for Business Object Component Architecture papers, including the latest Component Definition Language (CDL) specification have been received lately. You can find them on the Data Access Technologies web site.

While BOCA was not voted in on the first pass as an OMG standard technology, pieces of it will be resubmitted shortly in response to the multiple RFPs that have replaced the orginal Business Object Facility RFP.

21 Jul 1999UML Update

OMG UML 1.3 Revisions and Recommendations - check out UML enhancements

UML 1.3 allows building of a UML model for XMI, the OMG XML model interchange specification. There is a linkage between UML, XML, and Java, which I pointed out in the IEEE Workshop Report on Integrating XML & Distributed Object Technologies recently. It also incorporates many recommendations from Nathan Dyman who did his PhD Thesis on UML.

18 Feb 1999 New CORBAmed site

Dave Forslund, Deputy Director of the Advanced Computing Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratories, has just put up a very nice site with the OMG CORBAmed documents for healthcare.

13 Feb 1999ACM StandardView

Feature article - ACM StandardView is published annually and just released the 1998 copy. This issue is on CORBA, the article below is the featured article, and there are numerous supporting articles on OMG standardization.

Sutherland, Jeff. Why I Love the OMG: The Emergence of a Business Object Component Architecture. ACM StandardView, March 1998.


CORBAnetDemo of interoperable ORBs over the Internet


OMG Workflow Workgroup

Object Database Management Group

The ODMG is a consortium of object-oriented database management system (ODBMS) vendors and interested parties working on standards to allow portability of customer software across ODBMS products. You can find information including names, phone numbers, and Email addresses of all major ODB vendors on the ODMG Home Page.

Smalltalk Industry Council

STIC is an industry consortium of Smalltalk vendors.

National Committee for Information Technology Standards

Accredited Standards Committee X3 is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to develop voluntary standards in the area of information technology. Several X3 Technical Committees are critical to the future of object technology in addition to the key object-oriented language committees, Smalltalk (X3J20), C++ (X3J16), COBOL (X3J4), and CLOS (X3J13). Each national X3 Technical Committee has an international counterpart ISO/IEC JTC 1 Subcommittee. The X3 Technical Committees are the technical advisory groups to ISO.

X3 is now NCITS (pronounced "Insights"), the National Committee for Information Technology Standards.NCITS's mission is to produce market-driven, voluntary consensus standards in the areas of:

X3H7 Object Information Management

Current work: ODP Enterprise Viewpoint Working Documents

Jeff Sutherland is the Secretary of X3H7 and the X3H7 Liaison to X3H2 SQL Database.

Targets for Standardization

Object Model Features Matrix

ISO/IEC DIS 10746 RM-ODP (Reference Model - Open Distributed Processing)

Minutes of 1995-96 Meetings

X3J4 OO COBOL Technical Committee

X3J13 Common Lisp/CLOS Technical Committee

X3J20 Smalltalk Technical Committee

X3H2 SQL3 Database Technical Committee

I'm the X3H7 (Object Information Management) Technical Committee liaison to the X3H2 (SQL Database) Technical Committee.