OOPSLA'99 Business Object Component Design and Implementation Workshop V

Agenda, Tuesday, 2 Nov 1999, 8:30AM-5PM, Governor's Square 12

The first 8 papers will be presented in the morning (max time per paper 20 mins). At the end of the morning session we will recap for 30 minutes. The remainder of the papers will be presented in the afternoon followed a recap session lasting 30 minutes.





Jeff Sutherland, Dilip Patel, Joaquin Miller

Business Modelling

A Generic Object Oriented Enterprise Modelling Process and an Abstraction Mechanism

Islam Choudhury, Dilip Patel

Class Identification in Business Information Systems

Francesco Capozza,

Sergio deCesare, Maria Carmina di Canillo

Model Purposes, not Processes

Chris Marshall

Object Models, Architectures and Frameworks

An eXtensible Object Model for Business-to-Business eCommerce Systems

J.J. Dubray, Yuzo Fujishima, P. Curtin, A. Chaloori

Object-Oriented Architecture of Business Process Catalogue

Pavel Hruby

Business Components

The Emergence of a Business Object Component Architecture

Jeff Sutherland

Multi dimensional layering of business object component systems

Trygve Reenskaug

Agent-Oriented Workflow: An Experience Report

Pamela M. Rostal

The Role of XML in Java Development Tools Ghica van Emde Boas

Systems Integration

Bridging Legacy and Business Components with Parameterizable Business Objects: The BALES Methodology

Willem-Jan van den Heuvel, Michael Papazoglou

Strategies for Integrating Legacy Systems with a Common Business Object Model

Kevin Rasmus

Year 2000 Problem

Millenium Rules!

Richard T. Dué

Enterprise Integration Architecture Fred Cummins


Steve Marney, Santanu Paul