Multi dimensional layering of business object component systems

Trygve Reenskaug []

Position paper 28 August 1999, Workshop 28: Business Objects OOPSLA '99

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Summary: The proposed four layers for a business object component system are not adequate for two reasons. First, we need need several hierarchies tailored to the needs of the different role players. This has been done with great success in the specification of Enterprise JavaBeans. Second, business objects appear to be defined in terms of component composition. If so, we need a clear specification of a Business Object Schema.

Caveat: My background is role modeling (OOram), Smalltalk, frameworks, component composition, reuse an, Java Beans and Enterprise Java Beans. I have not followed the work of the business object community and apologize in advance for all the things I do not know or understand.interoperability of these CCISs. Moreover, given the complexity of managing such CCISs, we suggest specifying the operating mode of these BOs, using WFs.