OOPSLA'98 Workshops

18-19 October 1998


1 Object Technology, Architecture, and Domain Analysis

Half-day 12 people

Sholom Cohen

Software Engineering Institute


Jorge L. Dmaz-Herrera

Monmouth University

William Tepfenhart

AT&T Laboratories

2 Classroom Reuse - What Makes Course Materials Reusable?

Half-day PM 15-40 people

Ed Gehringer

North Carolina State University


Don Bagert

Texas Tech University

3 A Paradigm Shift in Teaching OOT

Half-day AM 8-15 people

Jutta Eckstein

Integral Development GmbH


Richard S. Wiener

University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

4 Behavioural Modeling in Object-Oriented Software Systems

20-40 people

Kevin Smith

Northern Telecom


Bran Selic

ObjecTime Limited

5 System Envisioning Workshop

18-25 people

Ralph Hodgson

IBM Object Technology Practice


Martine Devos


Doug McDavid

IBM Consulting Group

6 Applying Software Architecture as a Method

20-25 people

Thomas Mowbray

BluePrint Technologies


Raphael Malveaux

Eidea Labs, Inc.

Thad Scheer

Lockheed-Martin Mission Systems

Theresa Smith

Lockheed-Martin Mission Systems

Erik Stein

Amplitude, Inc

7 How Software Architectures Learn

12-15 people

Tom O'Rourke

Paine Webber Incorporated


Peter Long

Rolfe & Nolan plc

8 Business Object Design and Implementation

15-40 people

Jeff Sutherland

IDX Systems Corporation


Cory Casanave

Data Access Corporation

Haim Kilov

Merrill Lynch

Joaquin Miller

SHL Systemhouse

Dilip Patel

South Bank University



9 Implementation and Application of OO Workflow Management Systems

15-20 people

Mamdouh Ibrahim

Electronic Data Systems


Christoph Bussler

Boeing Research & Technology

Fred Cummins

EDS/Leading Technologies & Methods

Steve Marney

EDS Intelligent & Object Systems

Dr. Santanu Paul

IBM Center for Software Engineering

Wolfgang Schulze

Dresden University of Technology

10 OO Business Rules and their Uses Agents and Workflow

15-60 people

Benjamin Grosof

IBM T.J. Watson Research Center


Bei-Tseng (Bill) Chu

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Jarir Chaar

IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

Isabelle Rouvellou

IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

11 Evaluating Object-Oriented Design

20-30 people

Robert Biddle

Victoria University

Mathematical and Computing Sciences


Rick Mercer

Penn State Berks

Eugene Wallingford

University of Northern Iowa

12 Pragmatic Issues in Framework Design

10-15 people

David Laurance

Lucent Technologies


Dave Williamson

ObjecTime, Ltd.

13 Reflective Programming in C++ and Java

25-35 people

Jean-Charles Fabre

Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique


Shigeru Chiba

University of Tsukuba

14 Formal Underpinnings of the Java Paradigm

50 people

Susan Eisenbach

Imperial College


Jim Alves-Foss

University of Idaho

Drew Dean

Princeton University

Sophia Drossopoulou

Imperial College

Tobias Nipkow

Institut fuer Informatik

Technische Universitaet Muenchen

15 Meta-data and Active Object Model Pattern Mining

15-30 people

Joseph W. Yoder

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Michel Tilman


Dirk Riehle

UBILAB Union Bank of Switzerland

Martin Fowler

Independent Consultant

Brian Foote

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Martine Devos




16 Agents of Change

Half day 12-40 people

John Daniels

Bankers Trust Company


Laura Hill

Sun Microsystems

17 Partitioning and Simulation of UML Models

Half-day 40 people

Georg Beier

Fachhochschule Mannheim, University of Applied Sciences


Mike Frankel

Esprit Systems Consulting, Inc.

18 Object Technology and Product Lines

10-15 people

Gary Chastek

Software Engineering Institute


Felix Bachmann

Carnegie Bosch Institute

Patrick Donohoe

Software Engineering Institute

19 Formalizing UML. Why? How?

30 people

Luis Andrade



Ana Moreira

Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Akash R. Deshpande

University of California at Berkeley

Stuart Kent

University of Brighton

20 Thinking with Prototypes

15-20 people

Antero Taivalsaari

Sun Microsystems


James Noble

Microsoft Research Institute

21 Habitability in a Virtual World: What Constitutes "Living" Software?

10-15 people

Nancy Lewis



David Laurance

Lucent Technologies


22 Non-Software Examples of Patterns of Software Architecture

10-20 people

Michael Duell

AG Communication Systems


Linda Rising

AG Communication Systems

Frank Buschmann

Siemens AG

Hans Rohnert

Siemens AG

Michael Stal

Siemens AG



23 Pattern Writers' Workshop

32-40 people

Jim Coplien

Bell Laboratories


Frank Buschmann

Siemens AG

Richard Gabriel

DreamSongs RPG Consultancy

Christa Schwanninger

Siemens AG

24 Use Case Patterns

10-20 people

Paul Bramble

AG Communication Systems


Greg Gibson

AG Communication Systems

Alistair Cockburn

Humans and Technology

25 Model Engineering, Methods and Tools Integration with CDIF

25-40 people

Jean Bézivin

Laboratoire de Recherche

en Sciences de Gestion


Johannes Ernst

Integrated Systems, Inc.

Woody Pidcock


26 OO Process and Metrics for Effort Estimation

20-30 people

Granville Miller

Make Systems


Dennis de Champeaux

OntoOO, Inc.

Chris Ball

American Management Systems

Philip Haynes

Object Oriented Pty Ltd.

Brian Henderson-Sellers

Swinburne University of Technology

27 Software Development as a Studio Discipline

15-30 people

Ken Auer

RoleModel Software


Bruce Anderson

IBM Object Technology

Norm Kerth

Elite Systems, Inc.

Dave M. West

University of St. Thomas

28 Modeling Dynamic/Emergent Distributed Object Systems

15-30 people

Joseph R. Kiniry

California Institute of Technology


Arne Berre

SINTEF Telecom and Informatics

K. Mani Chandy

California Institute of Technology

Doug Lea

State University of New York at Oswego

Paddy Nixon

Trinity College

Dirk Riehle

Union Bank of Switzerland

Ed Swanstrom

Agilis Corporation

Platinum Corporation

Antonio Rito Silva

Technical University of Lisbon




29 Objects, Components and the Virtual Enterprise

40-60 people

Paddy Nixon

Trinity College, Department of Computer Science


Vincent Wade

Trinity College, Dublin

Simon Dobson

Trinity College, Dublin

Oliver Sims

SSA Object Technology

David Zenie


Ian Gorton

Transarc Corp

Spyros Lalis


30 Web Enactment of Object-Oriented Software Design

15 people

Steven Fraser

Northern Telecom


Priya Marsonia

Northern Telecom

Bill Odyke

Lucent Technologies


31 Behavioral Semantics of OO Business and System Specifications

15-25 people

Bernhard Rumpe

Institut fuer Informatik

Technische Universitaet Muenchen


Haim Kilov

Merrill Lynch

Ian Simmonds

IBM T.J. Watson Research Center