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OOPSLA 97-98 Published Proceedings - Available in November 1998



Business Object Management Architecture
Chris Marshall        3

Working with Business Objects: A Case Study
W. Hordijk, S. Molterer, B. Paech and Ch. Salzmann    14

Business Objects and Business Rules
Isabelle Rouvellou and Ian Simmonds     19

Business Objects for Front-Office Applications:
Making Domain Experts Full Partners
Jeffrey Bonar        29

Open Distributed Processing and Business Objects
Joaquin Miller        37

The Business Component Approach
Peter Herzum and Oliver Sims      46


Using Intentional Information to Coordinate Inter-operating Workflows
Bill Kuechler and Bill Burg      61

Building Workflow Business Objects
Marc-Thomas Schimdt       64

Structuring Specification of Business Systems with UML
(with an Emphasis on Workflow Management Systems)   77

A "light" distributed OO Workflow Management System for the
creation of OO Enterprise System Architectures in BPR environments
Michael. A. Beadle       90

Essential requirements for a workflow standard
Santanu Paul, Edwin Park and Jarir Chaar     97

Fitting the Workflow Management Facility into the Object
Management Architecture
Wolfgang Schulze       106

Services of Workflow Objects and Workflow Meta-Objects in
OMG-compliant Environments
Wolfgang Schulze, Markus Bvhm and Klaus Meyer-Wegener   115

Using Components in Workflow Activities
Stefan Schreyjak        123

An Object Implementation of Network Centric Business Service
Applications (NCBSAs)
Asit Dan and Francis Parr       134


Organization in a chaotic World
Chris Marshall        149

Business Object Component Architectures: A Target Application
Area for Complex Adaptive Systems Research
Jeff Sutherland        154

Modelling Domain Specific Application Frameworks with a Dynamic
Business Object Architecture: An Approach and Implementation
Kitty Hung and Dilip Patel       166

A Business Object Modelling Approach to develop a Customer Services
Domain Framework to Enable Horizontal Reuse across Industries
Islam Choudhury and Dilip Patel      177

EMPOWER: An Object-Oriented Business Information Systems
Framework for Learning Organisations
Nigel Phillips and Dilip Patel      182

../oopsla97/OOPSLA'96OOPSLA'98 Business Object Workshop IV