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From Business Objects toward Adaptive Agents by Pam Rostal, Compuware Professional Services

The Business Component Approach by Peter Herzum and Oliver Sims

Business Object Component Architectures: A Target Application Area for Complex Adaptive Systems Research by Jeff Sutherland, IDX Systems Corp.


Structuring Specification of Business Systems with UML (with an Emphasis on Workflow Management Systems) by Pavel Hruby, Navision Software, Denmark

Using Intentional Information to Coordinate Inter-operating Workflows by Bill Kuechler and Bill Burg, University of Texas at San Antonio

Building Workflow Business Objects by Marc-Thomas Schmidt, IBM Software Group


Organization in a Chaotic World by Chris Marshall, SES Software Inc, Marietta GA

Adaptive Framework for the REA Accounting Model by Hiroaki Nakamura and Ralph E. Johnson, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Business Procedures are not Represented Adequately in Business Applications and Frameworks! by Hans Albrecht Schmid, FB Informatik and Fernando Simonazzi, LIFIA, UNLP, La Plata, Argentina

A Business Object Framework Architecture by Hans Albrecht Schmid, FB Informatik, Matthias Riebisch, Deutsche Post AG, Torsten Heverhagen, Informatik, University Essen, Harald Liessmann, Wirtschaftsinformatik, University

"Ride The Mainstream!" with MACK Business Objects and Escape the Divine Programmer Syndrome by Christopher Spottiswoode, Metaset, South Africa

4. The User Experience

Business Object Transitioning by Lenny Estrin

Working with Business Objects: A Case Study by W. Hordijk, S. Molterer, B. Paech, Ch. Salzmann, Institut für Informatik, Technische Universität München

A Dynamic Business Object Architecture for Supporting Strategic Management Planning by Kitty Hung, Tony Simons, The University of Sheffield

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